Our corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives underpin HELIOS community mission, which is to:
  • Share wealth for positive change in the areas in which we trade, primarily through support for education, social development and health.
The focus of our sustainable CSI is on the positive transformation and upliftment of disadvantaged communities by supporting education, health and social development. We have continued to strengthen partnerships we have with different stakeholders (government departments, employees, NGO’s, and different communities), while continually exploring opportunities for new partnerships. Our investment in communities has been in the form of funding community projects, donating clothing to different communities through our partnership with key organizations, becoming involved in food donation initiatives, conducting workshops in which participants are taught skills which aid in enquiring fixed employment & supporting staff initiatives.

Integrating our CSI initiatives into the overall business strategy continues to stand as a primary goal for us.
As HELIOS employees and representatives conduct business around SA, we uphold these business values in all our relationships:

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility and vibrant communities

Ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do
Respect for the Individual
Embracing diversity and inclusion, enhanced by openness, sharing, trust, leadership, teamwork and involvement

Achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities

Sharing a relentless commitment to a zero work-related injury and illness culture

Having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties

Having the courage, creativity and discipline to lead change and shape the future